Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A blog about blogs...

Ok, I have officially started a blog. This first post isn't a real post...it's a fake one. It's where I'll mention part of why I'm doing this and the vision I have for it.

I have several friends and family members who have blogs, and I've noticed there are a few general types.
  1. One type is the "journal" blog, usually started by people with families to show off their kids. I like these blogs, but only because they're about people in my family that I care about. If they were about someone else's family I wouldn't bother to read them.
  2. Another type of blog is the "Cool Stuff" blog, which tells us about stuff the author thinks is cool. This could be epitomized by one of my brothers who blogs sporadically when he finds something cool enough to share.
  3. Another type is the opinion/essay blog, where the author takes on potentially controversial subjects and writes a persuasive essay to show what they think about it and try to back it up. I have one friend who does a good job of this and tries to stimulate debate.
  4. Another important type of blog which I am completely ignoring because I don't read any of these is the "theme" blog. A blog which consistently discusses the same topic, like a blog about basketball, trucking, scrapbooking, or politics.
As I thought about starting my own blog, I was inspired at times by one type of blog, at times by another. In think in writing the blog I will sometimes be more like one and sometimes like another. I mostly hope to stay away from the journal type, occasionally touch on something controversial, sometimes be persuasive, and most often just write about something cool. Or, I may completely abandon all these ideas and do nothing of the sort! But right at this moment that's my vision. Sort of. And maybe as a byproduct of all this I'll improve my writing ability.

Will you take the time to read this potentially-silly blog? I have no idea. But if you do I would love for you to occasionally provide feedback, of whatever type strikes your fancy.

By the way, if you want to know when there are new posts, the easiest way might be the box the right side of this page that says, "Subscribe".

Personally, I use Google Reader to gather all the blogs that I follow into one place, and I check it every few days to see if any of those ten or so blogs have new entries. If you don't know how to do this I'd be happy to help.

Are you excited? Should you be excited? Is excitement on your part even conceivable?

By the way my first real post will come very soon, before I leave the country this Friday, February 20th around noon.


  1. I'm FIRST!!! Welcome to the world of blogging Ben! I hope you have a great trip to Guatemala. Here's hoping you don't come down with Dysentery or have a Bot fly lay an egg under your skin!
    Good times!

  2. Where are all the pics? No pics, No blog in my book. And some music would be good too!!!

  3. Ben... Ben... Ben... I'm so glad you joined the world of blogging!! I can't WAIT to see all the "cool" stuff you're going to post!! Also, I agree with the anonymous commenter... You NEED pictures or some "cool" music!

  4. I'm almost as excited as Stephen A. Smith in a "fired up" segment.

  5. This is your BLOG, I have developed awareness, and am taking control!

  6. Thank you all! In my first response to your feedback I have posted pictures! Hope you like them. And there will definitely be music here at some point. :)

  7. Cool Ben, I'm adding you to my blogroll!! Can't wait to hear about your travel adventures and everything else!!! :-)

  8. Hey, would you consider a 'Benj blog'? : ) I've always thought Benj was a funner nickname for you! ; ) But then again, the 'Ben blog' idea does flow better. . .

  9. I wouldn't want to be left out of the crazy amount of commenting going on here.

  10. Great to see your blog. Where are you going on the 20th?

  11. I think it would be nice to incorporate a catch phrase, like "boom goes the dynamite." Or maybe have a special periodical feature like "Dr Ben's Podiatry fact of the week."

  12. Ben, you look so peaceful sitting on the edge of a cliff.

  13. thanks Nicole!
    Amy, I like the idea, I'm considering it...
    Sarah, I'm going to Guatemala for 2 weeks on a medical mission.
    Tom, good ideas, thanks ;)
    Hi Julie!

  14. I will await your next post with bated breath.

  15. Oh, also, I have a photoblog at http://themorleyfamily.org/david if you have time to stop by. I'm trying this thing called "Project 365" where I take and publish one photo per day for an entire year.

  16. Yeahh Ben's Blog! I love it!! Can't wait for some Guatemala posts!!

  17. Dave, good to see you here! I'll definitely check out your fancy project.

    Oh and everbody, don't get confused, the new post (on sandwiches) is actually already up, even though it says this one is newer. It's because that one was saved as a draft before this one...

    Maci, you will get them!!