Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take a Tour, Win a Prize

I'm renting a room in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, part of the greater Boston area, on the South side.  I posted an ad on craiglist a few weeks ago saying I was looking for a place, and I got an email from this guy Bill.  He described the room and house to me, it sounded ok, but when I requested to see a picture he said he had lost his camera cord or something like that.   

So I went with it, and saw it for the first time right as I was moving in.  It was close to work, and appeared to have all the necessities, so I figured what the heck.  And it hasn't been bad.

But it has been....special.  It's probably the oldest house I've ever lived in, and there are lots of things I find comical about it.  I was gonna post some pictures, but when my camera kept switching back to video mode on its own last night, I got the idea to make a video of the place instead.  I guess it was fate.  And that's why you're getting a tour, if you can handle it.  It's a little longer than I expected (you get a six-minute tour of my home), so to make it more interesting I've also added a twist:

TWIST: There are clips from ten different songs used as background music, and I challenge you to name all the songs and artists from the soundtrack.  Whoever names the most wins a PRIZE!  That's right, I said it, you get a prize.  And I will send it to you, if I don't hand deliver it.  It could be something good.  Let your imagination run wild. 

RULES:  One point for each correct artist, one point for each correct song title.  If fewer than three people enter, you have to get at least half of the possible points to win a prize.  If three or more try, whoever gets the most wins.  Post your answers as comments or send them to me, and the only thing that's cheating is looking at other people's answers beforehand.  Good luck! :)  Oh, and if anyone successfully names all of the artists and song names, I will give you $100 (Seriously, but I seriously don't think you can do it). 

Contest ends a month from today, if not sooner. :-)


  1. well, I've only got one song: 23 by Jimmy Eat World. But I enjoyed your tour...Thomas's uncle used to live in Jamaica Plain and we stayed with him a couple of times. His apartment-also in an old house with 3 stories-was kept up a lot better than this one, but the layout and squeaky wooden floors and everything were very similar.

  2. You bugger, I could only name 3 songs. The world I know, Collective Soul. Don't look back, Boston, and Kashmir, Led Zeppelin. I recognize the opera style song but just can't put my finger on it.

    Good luck with the rest of your education, man!

  3. I know one! Por Ti Volare... Andrea Bocelli. Haha. Can't believe you actually made this post. BTW, nice narration.

  4. Cool old house, I like it. Especially the unused dining room. It's like "we live in a moldy old bachelor pad, but we're also upscale and sophisticated, which you can tell by our unused dining room, which we only use on special occasions with our fine china".

    There's an IPhone app that recognizes songs. It's pretty amazing. Too bad I don't have an IPhone.

    There was one song playing about 2:20-2:45 that I recognized, but couldn't identify... what is it??

    Here's my entry:
    1 - Kashmir by LZ
    2 - Time to Say Goodbye, probably with Sarah Brightman / Andrea Bocelli
    3 - The World I Know by Collective Sould
    4 - Creak by The Door(s)
    5 - Hello by Bill

  5. Off hand I only know Time to say Good-bye Andrea Bocelli. Adriana and I like the apartment, especially the tour of the fridge. As we looked at your old posts she thought the orange was a football (her daddy teaches her well) and that the picture of you was Mark. I guess your mom isn't the only one who gets you confused.