Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scrabble Scores

I finally broke 500 points in Scrabble!

Mind you, it was on facebook Scrabble, where the rules are a little different (you can try crazy words and look up words within the game), but I'd never gotten that high before, on probably a few hundred previous attempts - a typical score is around 300.  This time I got 526 points!  And I won by over 300 points, something else I'm sure I've never done before.  Other than perhaps the time I got a bingo with the word "bingoes", this may be my crowning achievement in Scrabble to date.

Some of the words that got me there:
  • WATERING  for 76 points
  • QUA for 63
  • JOTS for 44
  • VOWELS for 39
  • ZONED for 39
  • a handful of others worth around 30

Here's what it looked like at the end (opponent's name removed to protect the somewhat-innocent): 

A different game that I'm in had something really funny happen.  In the game (seen below) my opponent played the word "toile" (apparently a type of cloth) right next to a triple word tile, where all I need to do is add on one letter to get a triple score.  Perhaps she didn't realize that "toile" is one letter short of spelling "toilet", "toiled", "toiles", "toiler" and maybe other words....or perhaps this is all an elaborate joke.  I can't be sure, but I'm going to add a 'd', use a couple more letters to make two words, and rake in about 40 points.    


  1. You should white out the names from the moves list too. *cough*

    Impressive score!

  2. I fixed it, thanks! It was on the moves list and even in the game name, neither of which I noticed before. With that taken care of, now we can just pretend the name is "Julie". ;)

  3. Oh Ben. You're such a butt head. I'll just say it - the person blanked out is me. Let's discuss for a moment toile. Did you ever think that it was possible that I just had a bunch of letters left that were possibly vowels or the same letter or crazy letters that just don't fit and that was all I could play? Did I know that you would take full advantage of that spot because you are a greedy board hog? Yes. Did I have much of a choice? No. Thanks for the blog post though because Karma dictates that now I will win the rest of the games. :)

  4. All my whiting out efforts are for naught!

    Toile's funny cuz you because it's a much better setup than if you had just put "toil", and because I didn't even know it was a word before that. Very comical. But yes, your disastrous letters may have strongly coerced you into playing that word, lol... :)

    You're welcome!

    May all the karma be yours, from now on. Except for one little bit. I only need a little. Just because I'm a board hog doesn't mean you should be a karma-hog.

  5. I'm moderately puzzled at your ability to take screen shots of the game while you are offline.

  6. That's just the app being silly. Back then it used to always say everyone was offline. Now it's back to saying online when I'm online.