Thursday, April 28, 2011

the Jake Erickson tribute album (one song so far)

Below I play a version of "Winter", a song written by Jake Erickson in 2004, which also appears as the 12th track on the album Jake and I released in 2006.  For various reasons*, the album version didn't turn out quite as we wanted, but I've always liked the song.  Consider this** a tribute to an under-appreciated modern artist.  Perhaps other artists will join in the effort so we can make it a full album. :)


*All our recording was done with very limited time and money, and no prior experience.  We barely knew what we were doing in there, did most songs in a single take (for each part), and yet certain things turned out really well.  Others left something to be desired.  Before we recorded Winter, I gave Jake some suggestions about how to sing the song that I think backfired and made it sound worse, and I've always felt a little bad about that. Having just re-listened to it, I can say it is not without merit.  But I also think most of the live performances of the song Jake did were more satisfying than the studio version.

**Please excuse the poor framing of the video.  Recording songs with a camera placed on a stack of books in a cramped bedroom is not an exact science.

PS:  Stay tuned for the sharing of additional music, maybe even recorded with something other than my camera.  I recently procured a decent-quality digital recorder, and I've begun to dabble.  Now I just need a guitar that I don't hate...though I still use the hated one out of necessity.   

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