Monday, May 31, 2010

Diaper Advice from the Masses

A few months ago I asked my facebook friends for advice on what diapers are best.  Diapers are a big part of my life, so I needed to know.  Actually it was for my sister Annie, who's due to have her first baby....tomorrow!  Since old facebook statuses disappear into an unsearchable abyss, I'm posting the responses here for a handy reference.  Read on to expand your diaper knowledge.       

Additional suggestions welcome, thanks again to all those who contributed!

(The picture to the right is just shameless promotion of my cute niece Adriana...who happens to know a lot about diapers.)

All you mother-types out there, which disposable diapers are the best?

JJ says:
We go with pampers. They say huggies causes rash and they did to josie. The cheap ones are flimsy like paper. Never tried luvs or whatever the other one is. If you have newborn try the swaddlers.

Jodi says:
It depends on the baby. Huggies or Pampers though.
I loved the pampers swaddlers when Kristen was a baby. Now I use the Costco brand diapers though. Just as good as Huggies to me!

Eden says: 
We like the Huggies for Newborn-Size 2 then at Size 3 we like to switch to Luvs. Pampers gave my oldest a bad rash.

Jaron says:
We have tried them all and the ones that we prefer are the Target Brand diapers. Right now we are using Huggies, but that is only because that is the only brand available on this stinking island.

Ronnie says:
Huggies seems to work better on chubbier babies- but they have worked well on my skinny kids. I like the way Pampers smell. And recently I've gotten into Target diapers. I think they changed the material or the cut or something but I love them. They do a great job and it's a dramatic difference in price. Why pay a lot for something you throw away?

Actually though- I'm seriously thinking about getting into cloth diapering though- sure there's clean up- but my eco-friendly side would feel better about it. I also hear it's better for toilet training...

Amanda says:
Wow, I'm shocked to see good reviews of the Target brand! They totally leaked for my kids...but I'm glad they worked for you guys. I think it totally depends on weight and age. BUT I've tried the Costco Brand, Huggies, Pampers, the WalMart brand and the Target Brand. I like Pampers Swaddlers HANDS DOWN for newborns. They are soft and they fit well. After that I switch to the Costco brand. Huggies were good for my baby girl, but have leaked a lot more on Rio. 

So if it's a boy I'd say Swaddlers, then Costco or Pampers. Girl- Swaddlers then it doesn't really matter. I think the main difference in diapers are:
A. How comfortable they seem for the kiddo and
B. How often you have to change them

So, Target diapers were cheaper, but I had to change the kids 6 times a day to avoid leaking...they are also super-bulky for my skinny kiddos. With Huggies/Pampers I can change em 3 times a day and they seem like they'd be more comfy. Costco ones are almost as good as Huggies, I think. maybe one more change per day.

Okay, so there's my way-too-much-info analysis of the Diaper market. I should try LUVS then I'd have tried pretty much everything. :)

Michael says:
This is totally different for each kid. Ours can only use Huggies without getting diaper rash.

Marie says:
For newborns I think we used Huggies and liked them. We used luvs sometimes too but I didn't like the of them. I mainly used the walmart brand when Lilly grew bigger though and never had any problem with them. I was lucky cause I didn't have a baby prone to diaper rash

Ashley says:
Pampers Swaddlers for newborn to 6 months... In my opinion!!!!

Becky says:
IN CASE you haven't received enough answers...

I agree that Pampers Swaddlers are best for newborns - so SOFT! But then we switch to store-brand because they're loads cheaper and do the job credibly. Huggies are decent but seem to soak through easily. TMI?

P.S. I'm a little shocked Jaron responded to this. :-)


Addendum:  Several additional diaper suggestions can be found in the comments to this facebook note (the imported version of this blog post).  


  1. Wow! That is lots of great info. Since Adriana knows the most about diapers, we'll let her tell you. She likes Target brand and they work great for her and don't leak. Plus if you have to change them a little more frequently (which we don't really need to) they are that much cheaper so it doesn't matter. :)

    PS I love the picture of Adriana!
    For babies I think pampers are the best and super soft. Some of the newborn Pampers and Huggies have the wet strip which is really helpful! I think the better brands have less of a chance for blowouts in the beginning, but after that the store brands are just fine. It really depends on each baby and how the diaper fits so everyone will be different, this is just what we have found.

  2. Thanks Adriana (and Sarah) for your excellent input! :)

  3. I tried Luvs! They were tons cheaper...but I won't buy them again. Same problem, I have to change the kids almost twice as much and they both got diaper rash! Rio's never had a diaper rash before Luvs. I'm stickin' with Pampers BABY DRY (Cruisers STINK). If you subscirbe and save at, the pampers are actually cheaper than the Costco Brand and only 4 cents more per diaper than Luvs. Suh-weet.