Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hooked on Phonics is overrated

I've got this really cute and awesome niece, Caslea, who's five years old.  She's also really smart. Recently she was asked to write down all the fun things she wanted to do over the weekend, and using her prodigious phonetics skills, this is what she came up with (I understood all except one):
  1. go swimeeg
  2. go to a reschot
  3. woch a movy
  4. hav fun
  5. play the spanish game
  6. ol uv us get a penny
  7. be nise
  8. play with eech uther
  9. go bulleeg
  10. go to the pork
  11. play gams
  12. eet canndy
  13. go to chuckee cheese's
  14. bee happy
  15. by donut's
  16. eet food
  17. mak lemenad
  18. get lecerish
  19. do a pordy
  20. mac stuff
  21. blow bloo's
  22. mace a cayk
  23. go to disnlee land
  24. have a pnicnik
  25. play with zeeko
  26. if someone left, mak a spis
  27. go to the museeume
  28. go on a chresher hunt
  29. jres up
  30. go to sleep
  31. jreec lemunad

    My favorite phonetics:  "chresher hunt", "jres up", "jreec lemunad"

    Activities I most want to try:  "go to the pork", "ol uv us get a penny", "do a pordy"

    She's only in kindergarten, but it's pretty awesome how she figures this stuff out.  She's obviously smarter than I was, I don't think I learned how to write like that until second grade....if ever.   

    Also, I think her list would make for an extremely divertive weekend; next time I need some quality fun I'll refer to it.  Thanks Caz!


      1. Hahaha I love this! And she is right! We do sort of say "drink" with a "jr" sound. Amazing! At least she was consistent in her use of the "jr" sound for "dr." Very funny.

      2. Hi Ben,

        I just finished my interview at UT-Nevada on Nov 9th and wanted to ask you few questions about this school if you don't mind. My email address is

        I wanted to know your experience at the school and few other questions. Thanks!

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